Couple Cards

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How is your relationship? Do you want to change something? These cards prompt couples to open up and have those difficult conversations.

  • For those who want to reflect on their mental health journey
  • Can be played with someone who is ready to dig deep or used as journal prompts
  • 50 cards and wildcards
  • Warning: Repressed emotions may come to the surface


Ananda’s Soulmate cards are designed to help you and your partner open up and have honest conversations about your relationship. Ask each other questions, analyse, and look into aspects of your relationship that have long been left ignored. Gain insight into your partner’s wants and needs, understand how they perceive you, and commit to a common goal of where you want to take your relationship.

These cards serve as an ice-breaker to touch upon topics and feelings that you may otherwise avoid discussing. Assess your relationship and focus on the key areas that impact all couples, such as love, romance, trust issues, childhood memories, your past problems and your future goals.

Ananda’s Soulmate cards are science-backed and designed by experienced psychologists who specialise in marriage and relationship counselling.

4 reviews for Couple Cards

  1. Kiran

    Playing this game can help fill up the communication gap in today’s relationships. Doing this activity has given us the experience of closely discussing things we never knew, thought about or never bothered to discuss.

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  2. Aarti

    The cards are very interesting, getting to know a lot of new things. For some cards I even got a little emotional. They are really useful from a relationship bonding perspective.
    The thing I liked most about the cards is that not only do these cards have conversation starters and improvement cards, they cover other areas like future plans which are beneficial for couples.
    We feel like playing each and every card, if we think hard enough we will even answer the cards we skipped right now.

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  3. Dhairya (verified owner)

    Really an insightful game.
    Helps refresh and learn new thing about your significant other

  4. Bhavna

    There is hardly any discussion about each other, we got an opportunity to discuss that through these cards.
    Happy moments are not recalled prominently, those were recalled while playing these cards.
    He normally doesn’t remember significant dates or enjoy the nostalgia of old memories but now I have found a way to get them out of him.
    Playing this was amazing, please send these to us. We didn’t get to play all of them.We have answered all the questions honestly.
    One thing we can do is play these cards after every few days.

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