Anxiety and Depression

What are they

Depression is the feelings of sadness and a low motivational drive. Anxiety means having constant, severe and out-of-proportion thoughts and fear about these things. Both conditions are a result of daily hassles.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Persistent worry, fatigue, sleep disturbances, mental fog, higher irritability, muscle tension, reduced concentration, restlessness and other physical symptoms occur due to anxiety.

Symptoms of Depression

Low moods, anhedonia, insomnia, low appetite, fluctuations in weight, lack of motivation, reduced concentration,  suicidal ideation and feelings of worthlessness are some of the symptoms of depression.

Anxiety VS Depression

Depression and anxiety are both mood disorders. However, the major difference between the two is that depression is a consistent feeling. On the other hand, anxiety can be episodic.


To deal with anxiety and depression, one should accept the experiences. Clear insight about the condition improves the chances of recovery.


There is a structured format to work on anxiety and depression that is widely used by mental health professionals. The treatment also includes calming techniques and physical activities.


It has been proven since older Indian culture that yoga helps deal with many mental disorders. Yoga experts have said that yoga helps overcome psychological conditions as well.