Depression in Teens: A Growing Concern

The suicide rate among youths between the ages of 15 and 19 has increased by more than 3.4% in recent years.

The Alarming Data

There are multiple reasons such as bullying, online/offline harassment, peer pressure, dominating parents or teachers.

The Causes of Depression

The Social Media Pressure

Social Media has created a standard for teens, especially about the way they look and dress. This leads to body shaming and self-consciousness.

Teens who experience sexual harassment, emotional or physical abuse, catcalling, childhood trauma, etc. are another significant factor contributing to depression.

Sexual Fears

Neglected Kids tend to fall prey to the devil of substance abuse. Teenagers typically turn to alcohol and drugs as coping techniques for mental stresses like a failure.

Substance Abuse

Family Trauma

Other domestic factors that contribute to young adults' depression include dysfunctional households, the death of a loved one, weak interpersonal ties, and poor parenting.

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of depression such as social withdrawal, changes in weight, loss of appetite , smoking & drinking, emotional outbursts, and more.

Identify the Symptoms

The Way Out Read on to know more about teenage depression and how one can help these young minds get back on track.