Do you React Or Respond? What’s the difference?

A reaction is an immediate action taken in response to a trigger. Prior to taking action, it does not entail evaluating the action or its effects.

What is a Reaction?

A response is a thoughtful action. Before responding, one thinks practically and carefully about the trigger and the effect of the action.

What is a Response?

A response and a reaction could look similar. Stimuli undoubtedly trigger both. However, the difference is entirely due to the distinct processes of each.

Know the Difference

Response is slow to come and is processed through our conscious mind, whereas a reaction is instant and driven by emotions.

It's all about time

A reaction may have negative or positive consequences based on the situation, but a response always has a positive outcome.

The Impact

Reaction leads to poor communication as it is based on instincts, and response promotes healthy, problem-solving communication.

Communication effects

Responding can be practiced with pausing to think, self-awareness, and patience.

How to Respond?

Want to know more about ‘Response’ and how you can include this thoughtful action in your life? Learn more about ‘Response’ and ‘Reaction’ in our detailed blog below!

Dive Into The Depths

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