Festivals & Psychology? What’s the Connection

Festivals like Dahi Handi, Navratri, and Bhondla can be real stress busters thanks to their physical activities, the colors and the social gatherings.

The Positive Vibes

Celebrations can be hectic for some people because of the heavy traffic on the roads. The parties can go on until late at night and social gatherings can cause anxiety.

Can Festivals be Stressful?

The human pyramids for Dahi Handi is fun to watch, but they may also be hazardous because you cannot ignore the possibility of falling or having people fall on you.

The Festival of Dahi Handi

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Feeling anxious during Festivals?

The customary "burning of Ravana" occurs on Vijayadashami. It represents the destruction of negative energy and the commencement of a fresh start in life.

The Festival of Navratri

The songs associated with Bhondla usually poke fun at mothers-in-law. They were a source for married women to vent their emotions as they would be treated harshly by in-laws.

The Festival of Bhondla

Now that you know the ups and downs of festivals, you can make an informed decision about how you wish to spend your festival days.

Celebrate your Festivals Mindfully

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