General Psychology Vs. Social Psychology

The study of the fundamental concepts, issues, and approaches that form the basis of psychology is known as general psychology.

General Psychology

A subfield of psychology called social psychology studies how social context affects a person's thinking, attitudes, behavior, ideas, and general personality.

Social Psychology

The Umbrella of Psychology

General psychology can be considered as a broader field that encompasses the entire field of psychology study.

What is Social Psychology?

A branch of psychology that deals with the social factors that affect an individual's psychology.

General psychology is studied as an individual subject during the course of Graduation.

Educational Scope - General Psychology

The Roots of General Psychology

General psychology explores topics like perception, cognition, motivation, personality, brain functioning, and many more.

Social Psychology explores topics like prejudice, aggression, obedience, stereotypes, dynamics, and many more.

The Foundation of Social Psychology

Which Psychologist Can Help you? Read on to learn more about the two fields of psychology and which psychologist can help you better, a general or a social psychologist?