How to be a Good Shoulder to Cry on

How Can You Help

Don’t underestimate the power of just ‘being there’ for someone in grief. Sometimes a person who is grieving just needs a shoulder to cry on and a non-judgemental ear.

Sometimes, just physical presence comforts a grieving person. Saying things like “stop crying now, it will be fine” doesn’t make things better for that person.

Don’t lead, be led

Grief Cannot be Cured

It is important to understand the gravity of the pain the grieving person is feeling. “You still have so much to live for", & similar phrases make the person feel insignificant.

Have a Handkerchief

When the grieving person is crying uncontrollably, there’s nothing much you can do except for providing physical comfort.

Be a good Listener

Allow the griever to talk in conversation when they start to convey their feelings without trying to change the subject or interrupting.

Be Patient

When grieving, the person usually loses control of their emotions and they may act indifferent agitated or express anger. Give them space and don’t take their actions personally.

The Grief After Funeral

Grief does not have a switch on/off button. A funeral does not end the period of grief. Thus, it is advised to be there for the person and let the grief gradually fade away.

Be a Better Shoulder to Cry On If someone dear to you is in a grieving state, here’s how you can help the person and be there for them.