Imposter Syndrome - Feeling Fraudulent

Imposter syndrome is when someone who feels they aren't as capable as others think and fears they'll be exposed as a fraud.

What is it?

There are many types of imposter syndromes.


Which means that there are categories of people who behave or think in a certain way that leads to imposter syndrome. they can be grouped together into specific types

Constant self-doubt, feeling of not being and doing enough, rejecting compliments, fear of failing are some of the signs of imposter syndrome.


Do you feel you are fooling everyone with fake skills?

Express at Ananda

Writing down your strengths and weaknesses helps you to know better about why you are at the place you are at.

Measure Yourself

It helps you realise that it’s okay to have your weaknesses but what matters is also those strengths that define you.

The thoughts caused by imposter syndrome can be tackled if you challenge them with logical thinking.

Challenge your thoughts

The challenging thoughts will reduce the impact of imposter thoughts.

Your identity is challenged by imposter syndrome.


Treating the condition and believing in yourself is essential.