Loneliness at Workplace

WFH and Loneliness

Remote workers may struggle when they are cut off from the routine of their jobs due to inadequate work environment, a lack of structure, and decreasing face-to-face encounters.

Signs of Loneliness

In a workplace, changed behaviour of missing deadlines, frequent leaves, decreased interaction, lack of motivation, aloofness, avoiding meetings are the signs that your colleague is lonely.

Identify the Signs

The ability to identify issues early on and take action to make employees feel like valuable team members again depends on open communication, trustworthy relationships, and careful observation by the seniors.

Tackle Loneliness with Ananda

Is work making you feel lonely?

Impacts of Loneliness

Loneliness at the workplace affects business and health. It has an impact on both your performance and how you feel.

Pull Yourself Out

If you notice certain signs of loneliness in yourself, you can make conscious efforts to prevent its increase. You can start by sharing your emotions and feelings to a trusted person.

Employers can Help

Seniors and employers can be more vigilant about the changes in their employees' behaviour and work patterns.