Simplify the Perception

Magic Decoded: Simplify the Perception

Magic is not beyond our capacity to understand, but in reality, magic only makes us aware of our own perceptual deficits.

Understand Magic

Recent literature in cognitive psychology and neuroscience demystifies magic.

When the brain is bombarded with stimuli, in order to comprehend a constant flow of information, it tends to take shortcuts.

Default Setting

In order to conserve energy, the brain doesn’t get into the details.

Inattentional blindness and selective attention are cognitive phenomena.

Trick Insights

We have limited capacity for attention and focus only on certain things, ignoring the rest. A magician uses this phenomenon by simply misdirecting our attention.

The Cocktail Party Effect is one of the most important tools used by the magician where they guide attention to one thing or distract us using their words while performing the action and directing the attention back to the object.

Experiment Based

Persuasion and suggestibility are other psychological phenomena used by mentalists – people who claim to read your mind

Mind Games

More often than not, they tend to use basic principles of suggestions.

As neuroscience and cognitive psychology explores more into magic and the human brain, it only uncovers the marvels that our brain is capable of or rather, incapable of. It helps us understand how our brain processes information and also the gaps in the way it processes information