Perinatal Depression- Post Delivery

Perinatal depression is a major depressive episode during pregnancy and in the four week post delivery. It is a common occurrence in new mothers.


Persistent sadness, frequent crying, irritability, increased fatigue, loss of interest, trouble sleeping, sense of hopelessness, inability to bond with the baby and suicidal thoughts are some of the symptoms of perinatal depression.


Personal or family history of depression, history of other mood disorders, maternal anxiety, complications during pregnancy, physical or sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, lack of support from spouse and family are some causes of perinatal depression.


Pregnant women younger than 19 years of age are at a higher risk of depression.


Making life altering decisions through herd tendency does not always guarantee a positive outcome.

The effects of perinatal depression may feel permanent on a mother, but it is treatable through psychotherapy and medications.


To prevent the condition, stay physically active, have a fixed sleep schedule, share your changes and have a strong support group.