Social Media & Married Couples: A Tense Relationship

Pros & Cons

Social media, like many other innovations, has its advantages & pitfalls. The relationships have undoubtedly been impacted. Social media can be harmful to relationships if used excessively.

Married couples in long distance relationships can thrive because of social media and the connectivity it offers. Couples can connect on video calls, chats, etc.

Better Connectivity

A Little Humour

Let’s admit it, social media is hilarious! Couples who share relatable content of social media with each other get to know each other better and also share a laugh or two.

Living the Reel Life

Social media has created a communication gap between couples. Either couples communicate with each other through social media or are ignorant of each other’s presence.

The Infamous PDA

Social media has become a medium of expression for many, but if a partner refuses to profess his/her love on social media, it is misunderstood as disloyalty or lack of intimacy.

A Window of Infidelity

Due to its immense popularity, it is possible to meet many people virtually, thus creating more distractions and attractions. This can harm a couple’s bond and loyalty.

Fueling Suspicion

A facility for tracking a person's location at any given moment is available on social media. This can be used by people with trust issues to monitor their partners continually.

Impact of Social Media Read on to know more about the effects of Social media on Married Couples.