Somatic Symptoms And Disorders

Going through intense emotional distress and for the lack of vocabulary and validation to address your emotional pain, you start exhibiting it physically.

Why The Pain

There is a constant relay of somatosensory information from limbs to the spinal cord.

The Connection

If your body is a kingdom, think of thalamus as the watchtower guard which tells it when you need to run when you see a predator.

Role of Thalamus

Are you experiencing any physical pain that doesn't have a medical explanation?

Relieve the Pain

Look into the psychology of it.

With somatoform disorders, the anterior cingulate cortex is running in an overdrive trying to tell you that there’s pain in the body – even when there isn’t

False Signals

Patients with illness anxiety disorder engage in regular checking of their bodies for physical abnormalities or pain.

Illness Anxiety

Factitious disorder is characterised by heightened perception of illness, marked by instances of presenting oneself or the imposed individual as ill.

Factitious Disorder