Strengthen Spousal Bonds


Strong relationships are not built overnight. They require time, commitment, passion, understanding and more.


The bond between partners is always unique. No two couples have the same bond. They have their own understanding levels, love languages, inside jokes and attachment levels. So don’t compare your relationship to other relationships.


In order to co-exist, one has to accept their partner. This may require adjustment and even sacrifice from both of you. But the longlasting companionship is a higher reward.


Respect does not equate to authority. As a spouse, you have to respect the others’ individuality, their views, choices, opinions, interests even if they are different from your own.

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Trust has to be gained and maintained keeping in mind that it is as fragile as thin ice. Breaking it would cause the relationship to drown.


Avoid taking your partner and their love for granted. Appreciate the smallest things they do for you. Appreciation motivates them to continue those gestures and in turn strengthens the bond.

Stick Together

Sharing life’s misery and happiness is part of marriage and relationship. Stick by each other through thick and thin. Being together through it all binds you together.