Take Some Time Off : Set Boundaries

Personal life is the aspect that an individual lives for himself. This includes his personal space, family, friends, hobbies, etc. It is essential for the person’s overall development and wellbeing.

What is Personal Life?

Make sure to separate yourself from work once work hours end or on holidays. This includes not calling your colleagues regarding work and not checking work emails unless urgent.

Set Clear Boundaries

Keep these gadgets aside when it is time for ourselves/our personal life. Until the time we do not keep them aside, we cannot focus on ourselves.

Detach from Technology

Draw a clear line between work life and personal life

Ananda Will Guide

It has been proven and observed that meditation helps you to get your senses together. Many people have reported that it allows you to increase productivity.


Meditation helps one live in the present moment rather than living in regret of the past and anticipation of the future. It makes you focus on your body and breathing.

Benefits of Meditation

Understand that your work is a part of your life, not your entire life. It is a milestone you have to cross, not the mountain you fear.