The Black Hole of Social Media

The Virtual Relationship Trend

Is your relationship getting sucked in the black hole of Social Media? Know the pros and cons of involving social media in a relationship.

The new-age couples are able to make long-distance relationships work thanks to the connectivity that social media offers.

A Connecting Cord

An Archive of Memories

Over a period of years, as the relationship turns old, social media acts as the archive of memories and stores pictures, audio links, videos, etc.

The Classic Entertainer

Social media allows couples to strengthen their bond by participating in fun activities like games, quizzes, or online activities like watching web series or movies.

The next-gen people find their partners on social media. Thanks to common interests, people are bonding and connecting with each other due to social media.

The New-Age Cupid

Unrealistic Standards

Social media has become a platform for expressing love. Couples tend to compare their love and relationship with others. This may be the reason for misunderstanding or disputes.

People tend to post only the positives on social media. Thus, couples tend to feel like they are missing out on life and are leading boring and dull lives.

Envy and Jealousy

A Conscious Effort Read this article and learn how to make a conscious effort to minimize the use of social media in our relationships.