The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers

Teenagers Are Affected the Most

Teenagers have a greater demand for praise and rewards. They can accomplish both using social media.

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A Huge Time Investment

Teenagers spend multiple hours each day using their own accounts, which 75% of them have on various social networking sites.

The Signs of Addiction

Using social media during a face-to-face conversation, spending more than six hours a day scrolling through social media, a preference for solitude over face-to-face interaction.

The Chemical Changes

The sense of comfort and familiarity they receive through the dopamine and oxytocin highs that social media offers is what keeps them hooked on addictive substances.

Prevention Tips

Teenagers are seen scrolling unendingly on their phones and wasting a lot of time.  Monitoring how much time is spent fixated on a screen can serve as a warning.

Question your feelings

What are you feeling as a result of using social media? After scrolling through it, do you feel entertained and at ease, or is it making you feel down?

Therapy caters because the mind matters.

Therapy helps young minds to understand their emotions and guides them to think for their benefit.