The Pleasurable Activity of Sex

Sex has traditionally been viewed as a pleasurable activity and a crucial component of romantic relationships that significantly builds intimacy between partners.

The Notion of Sex

The intense and uncontrollable drive for sexual activity, compulsive sexual conduct, and overwhelming sexual fantasies, are all characteristics of sex addiction.

Recognizing the Addiction

What Causes Addiction?

Numerous elements accumulate over a person's lifetime, including inheritance, parenting, traumatic experiences, etc., for any addiction to emerge.

Biological Factor

There are chances of genetic predispositions and imbalance in testosterone and estrogen that impacts the impulsivity and sensation-seeking urges that can contribute to sex addiction.

If an individual is exposed to inappropriate sexual content in childhood and if it is not dealt with properly, it can lead to sex addiction.

Psychological Factor

Social Factor

If an individual faces rejection in social groups or extreme conflicts in interpersonal relationships, he may tend towards unhealthy coping strategies like sexual gratification.

Cognitive-behavioral, Psychodynamic, Motivational Enhancement therapies are administered to the individuals.

Overcome Addiction

Overcome Sex Addiction Read on to know more about how to deal with sex addiction and lead a happier life.