Trauma and How to Deal With It

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible life event. Trauma can be characterized by emotional numbness, state of shock, denial, emotional disturbances.

Identify the Symptoms

Some of the extremely prevalent symptoms are strong rebelliousness, incompetence, extreme anger, stubbornness, and regressive behaviour in stressful situations.

Bullying & Trauma

Trauma is an emotional reaction to a traumatic occurrence in life. Bullying includes harsh intimidation and threat-making in addition to being a severe kind of teasing.

Overcoming Bullying Trauma

In order to lead a happy and healthy life, it is important to get over the painful events in life.

Understand & Acknowledge

Understanding and acknowledging the pain from the past is crucial because healing begins with acceptance.

Embracing Self-Worth

It's critical for those who have been bullied to recognise their own value and begin to believe that they merit happiness and good things.

Closure and Control

Closure can be found by removing the feelings of helplessness by embracing and moving on while creating total control over their lives and being in authority.

Reach out to Professionals

Moving on is not an easy task. If you are finding it difficult to move on, reach out to Ananda’s experts and heal from within.

Open up & Share

Drain the tears, let go of the fears, and believe in immunity, not the cures