Trauma- Types, Causes and Symptoms

Trauma an emotional response to any negative event.


The intensity of the trauma depends on the severity of the traumatic event, the individual’s emotional capacity, their current mental health status and previous experiences of trauma.

The effects of trauma can range from slight shock to dysfunctionality.


The effects will not necessarily be seen immediately after the traumatic experience – it may even take time for the individual to process the trauma and then react to it.

Trauma types include acute trauma, chronic trauma, complex trauma and secondary trauma.


The effects and treatments for each type vary.

a few common sources of trauma are violence, natural calamities, death of a loved one, emotional abuse, rape, war, major physical injuries, physical torture or witnessing any of the above.


The effects and symptoms of trauma vary from mild to severe.


These symptoms of trauma can be observed in physical and emotional form.

The emotional attachment of the victim to their abuser is known as trauma bonding.

Trauma Bonding

It is a very common occurrence in toxic and abusive relationships such as kidnapping, sexual abuse, dysfunctional relationships, human trafficking, domestice violence or toxic social groups.

Trauma can hamper an individual’s ability to function well and live a healthy and fulfilling life.


But treatment can help the victim deal with and come out of their trauma and address it.